At Lebone II, we talk about community. To us, community represents our past and our future, and the place where our learners and educators meet. Community defines The Bafokeng Nation. It is through both forward-thinking and awareness of the role of the Bafokeng within both South Africa and the world that the Bafokeng exist as they do, and these attitudes have shaped Lebone II. We have built our school believe in the values of a good community. Physically, we have built our school to take on the shape of a village, where departments are defined as neighbourhoods and the space between is communal and social. We believe that everyone at Lebone II belongs with us, can be uplifted by us, and we welcome them compassionately.


Our values, as a part of the Lebone II community, are very important to us. They shape the purpose and reality of our school. We believe that in Lower School, we have the opportunity to involve children with our values through building respect, compassion for one another and the Lebone II community.