Campus Facilities

Lebone II's facility is conceived with innovation and 'best practice' in classroom arrangement in mind. The classes are designed as flexible learning environments with the aim of encouraging facilitators to foster creativity in thinking and learning by designing lessons that explore both inside and outside spaces all of the time. To this end, all classrooms open out onto an enclosed courtyard space, which can be used for artwork, creative presentation spaces, exploration etc.


Our mandate of being a resource to other RBN schools was also uppermost in our thinking around design, in that the classrooms are large to accommodate a number of visiting teachers from neighbouring schools at any one time. It is our intention, and growing practice, to host ongoing teacher training in our classrooms whilst we are busy teaching our own children – this way we hope to show best practice in action.


Our music facility is placed in a central place on the campus, encouraging all our learners to embrace the vibrancy, thrill and importance of learning a musical instrument as a part of their holistic education. There are 8 practise rooms, and two studios.


The main civic space in the college is an Amphitheatre. The thinking around this space ties into our rich African heritage, which relied on sharing wisdom in the open air, under a tree. It is our hope that our gatherings as a college will emulate this type of exchange between young and old as we learn from each other.


All the water on the property is harvested for the irrigation of our playing fields. A series of dams work in tandem with a sewerage treatment plant, in an endeavour to be as ecologically friendly and self-sufficient as is possible. This, too, is a learning opportunity, as we are able to practise behaviours that train our young people to become conscious of our scarce resources and responsible and aware of managing them correctly.