Boarding Facilities

Our boarders experience the school as homely, building on our vision of the school as a village. Our boarding houses are built around both concepts of community and respect, with each boarder given their own space within the apartment-style housing. The rooms are arranged to sleep between two and eight people, maintaining a family-feel, with comfort one of the top priorities; eight of the Matric boarders have a single room to allow study space. Communal space is well integrated throughout the houses, with small courtyards, a kitchen, dining rooms, lounges and pool tables. As well as creating comfortable living spaces, a number of our staff also live on-campus, adding to the sense of connection and feeling of family. There is ample working space with wifi and school network access.


Eight boys and eight girls from each grade can be accommodated presently, at a total of 76 girls and 74 boys. These facilities are both for students who live too far away to commute every day, and also for those who are in need of a structured and safe environment in which to complete their education.


We offer a formal golf programme with PGA qualified golfer on Saturdays, we have our own Internal Soccer League and soon to run internal Netball League and Cricket.


We also offer spiritual growth in a form of non-denominational Christ centred services.


We place high importance in community service, as we seek to sensitize young people to the needs of their society. Moreover, with intention to spur on social entrepreneurship to the growth and development of our society.