Sports -
Developing the Whole Person


We encourage our students to embrace a well-rounded life through providing them with time and support to pursue sporting activities, which we believe to be an important part of this. Lower School sport is timetabled and takes part of the school week. In Upper School, Sport is built into the “Sport and Gear” timetable, with students being allowed to choose between sporting and cultural activities, with either being promoted at particular times of the year. Students are encouraged to have a variety of sporting interests, which provide the opportunity to teach valuable lessons about teamwork and develop a healthy attitude towards competition.


The many sporting activities available to students include: athletics, cross-country, swimming, soccer, netball, hockey, cricket, golf, chess and basketball. Hockey remains strong within the school and many Lebone students play for Northwest Province. Soccer, netball, swimming and athletics are also popular choices with the Lebone teams competing in many local events.


Running has proved to be popular both within the school and, when Lebone hosts trail run events, within the wider community, with members of the public joining us for organised trail runs like Mathaithai and Parkrun, through the countryside where Lebone II is situated. Our culture of excellence is applied here too, through our high training standards provided by our teaching team, all of whom remain active, involved and engaged with their respective sporting strengths.


The Royal Bafokeng Nation has invested significantly in a broad sporting programme for children in school and Lebone II aims to provide opportunities for those children with significant sporting talent, to excel and achieve.