Music -
The Food of Love


MUSIC @ Lebone II College of the Royal Bafokeng


Research shows that Music enhances brain power and academic performance. It creates subconscious awareness of concepts that increases the ability to learn. Our philosophy is that if we can get our students to love and perform music independently when practicing and playing solos (as a way to learn self-discipline and encourage self-confidence) and together in ensemble playing (to create cohesiveness and peer learning), we will enhance a culture of excellence in all other areas in the school.


The focus in individual instrument teaching is on exposing all students to some form of music in their school career and to create equal opportunities for all to make a choice to go further in an instrument or not. The aim is not only to deliver great results, but also to establish a culture of listening, playing, reading, enjoyment and a love of music.


There are currently 218 students taking instrument lessons at Lebone II College.


Individual lessons are the choice of the students and are paid for over and above school fees. The fee is R242 per month per instrument and is billed in advance on the students’ school account. The focus of our teaching depends on the goals of the students. Where a student aspires to do external Music exams like UNISA and ABRSM, we tend to teach more rigorously. Where a student aspires to play more for fun, we incorporate a good technical foundation with more enjoyable type of pieces and ensemble playing rather than the rigorous training that examinations require. These students can also be assessed through our own internal examinations in the last term of the year.


Our mission is to motivate students to work towards a goal.


Staff members for 2016


• HOD Music: Individual Lessons and Theory; Piano; Theory; Piano Accompanist - Ms. Rachelle Elmes
• HOD: Subject Music; Violin; Theory; Curriculum & Subject Music Upper School - Mrs. Martinette Ronquest
• Piano; Theory; Improvisation Grade 10-12 - Mrs. Karmi Marais
• Piano; Keyboard; Recorder; Flute - Mrs. Welma Els
• Guitar; Bass Guitar; Theory - Mr. Steph Neumeyer
• Clarinet; Saxophone; Voice; Piano; Theory; Choir - Mr. Bragi Þór Valsson
• Drums; Theory – Mr. Dunstan Nel
• LS Class Music Teacher; Piano; Theory – To be announced


Availability of lessons


The Music Department would like to accommodate all learners who want to learn to play a musical instrument. However, our present capacity does not allow us to accommodate every child from Grade 3 – 12 and we do have a waiting list for some of the instruments.
• Piano lessons are available to students from Grade 3 upwards (although piano lessons are full until further notice).
• Violin lessons are available to students from Grade 3 upwards (although violin lessons are full until further notice).
• Keyboard lessons are available to students from Grade 4 upwards. Students have to have a keyboard at home.
• Guitar lessons are available to students from Grade 4 upwards.
• Flute lessons are available to students from Grade 4 upwards.
• Recorder lessons are available to students from Grade 4 upwards.
• Clarinet lessons are available to students from Grade 5 upwards.
• Saxophone lessons are available to students from Grade 5 upwards.
• Voice lessons are available to students from Grade 7 upwards.
• Drum lessons are available to students from Grade 4 upwards.


Theory of Music


Theory of Music will be taught once a week on Thursdays from 14h25 – 15h10 to all students who would like to do examinations (Lower School and Upper School) or would like to prepare themselves for music as a subject. These courses will run at the same time as the different grades will be taught by different music teachers. There will be Pre-Grade 1; Grade 1; Grade 2; Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 classes. This means it will not interfere with academic time, cultural or sport in the Upper School. In the Lower School, students who aspire to do music examinations will have to choose to come to theory on Thursdays as their extra-curricular activity.


Hiring of an instrument


Where a parent/guardian hires an instrument from the school, a hiring agreement must be completed. A refundable deposit of R750.00 will be billed to the student’s account and will be refunded as soon as the instrument is returned in good condition.


Please don’t hesitate to contact the music department if you have any questions or queries. All queries can be e-mailed to [email protected]


Music as a subject


• Class Music is presented from Grade R-6. As part of the curriculum, all Grade 3s and 4s learn to play the Recorder and Guitar.
• In Grade 7, 8 and 9, all students take a rotational Music course, alternating with other subjects such as Drama, Visual Art and Accounting.
• Music can be taken as a choice subject in Grade 10-12. In order to take music as a subject, a student will have to qualify by already having taken an instrument for at least 3 years. He/she has to be on a UNISA/ ABRSM/ Trinity College Grade 2 level as well as have completed a Music Theory Grade 2 Exam at the end of his/her Grade 9 year.
• There is also an Eighth Music subject available that is externally assessed by one of the accredited Examination boards (UNISA/ ABRSM/ Trinity College). This subject can be taken as a second music subject for a second instrument, or as the only music subject by a student who wishes not to take Music as a core subject.




Lebone II College of the Royal Bafokeng has a rich choral life. There are choirs operating in both the lower school and upper school, providing enjoyment and training for the South African singers of the future. Our choirs have performed locally and nationally and have taken part in Eisteddfods and the prestigious ATKV Applous choir competition, both with great results. Several choir CDs have been produced and are available from the choral department. For any further information or bookings, contact [email protected]