About Us

Lebone II - College of the Royal Bafokeng was established by former Kgosi Mollwane Lebone Boikanyo Molotlegi in 1997. He came from a long line of powerful ancestors who dedicated their lives to the Royal Bafokeng Nation and were committed to uplifting the Bafokeng people. The dream has been pursued by the present Kgosi, Kgosi Leruo Tshekedi Molotlegi, who has a passion for realising excellence in education for the Bafokeng people in this region and beyond.


Nestled in South Africa's North West Province, Lebone II is a leading independent preparatory and secondary school for boys and girls from South Africa and the rest of Africa.


"Lebone II is here to unite people, to show people hope, to enlighten things, to reveal things that people didn't see about the world, about the value of education, about us as people." - Joe Cossa, Music Teacher.


What makes Lebone II unique is its heritage, its service to the community, and its approach to education. Lebone II aims to provide the inspiration, education and opportunities that positively influence the Royal Bafokeng Nation and, eventually, the world.


"There's a sense of belonging here. If you belong, you're happy and you can be yourself." - Petra Marais, HOD of the Intermediate Phase.


Lebone II is a school both rooted in an extraordinary African culture, the Royal Bafokeng Nation, and poised towards a global future. It is a school that encourages curiosity and experimentation while following the example of some of the best educational institutions around the world.


"I think Lebone II is about building a nation, about giving back to the community." - Mme Nhlanhla Phakathi, Setswana Teacher.


Lebone II operates as a research driven school, where high quality learning programmes are developed in line with international best practices. Simultaneously, our curriculum subscribes to certain national norms enabling us to stay closely connected to our approximately sixty Royal Bafokeng partner schools. We serve as a resource for the many other schools in our community. There is a dire and urgent need for improved rural education in South Africa, and at Lebone II we have a very real opportunity to make dramatic and positive changes in this area.


English is the medium of instruction at Lebone II, although Setswana is given equal status as we understand the critical importance of learning early concepts in the mother tongue. The language of instruction from Grade 4 to Grade 12 is English, with Setswana being taught as a second language. The school is affiliated to ISASA (Independent Schools Association of Southern Africa). It is a school of independent thinkers and achievers that has the feeling of home. This is why so many graduates wish to return, either as teachers or in some other capacity, to contribute both to the school and the nation.


Who We Are -
Lebone and the Royal Bafokeng Nation