Welcome to Lebone II –
College of the Royal Bafokeng


Lebone means "light" in the Setswana language.


Lebone II College was named after its founder, former Kgosi (King) Mollwane Lebone Boikanyo Molotlegi, chief of the Royal Bafokeng Tribe of South Africa.


The Royal Bafokeng take a unique approach to their future. Stemming from the foresight to secure ownership of their ancestral lands in the 1800’s, this led to their becoming the richest tribe in the world following the discovery of Platinum on the land in the 1920’s. With the profits from contracts with mining companies, the Nation is now able to invest in civil and infrastructural programmes to uplift their community.


Lebone II College is a piece of the Bafokeng Nation, and maintains itself both as an institution which shines the light of education and shines with pride from the Bafokeng nation.


Resignation of Mr Du Toit


Message from Kgosi Leruo Molotlegi


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